Abydos, the great healing temple of ancient Egypt


For more than 6000 years the town of Abydos has been a place of pilgrimage, allowing for contemplation, reflection, retreat, healing and recovery of body, mind and soul.

Once a holy city and spiritual center which was visited annually by thousands of pilgrims, it is currently a remote place in the desert and makes for a comfortable stay.

In Abydos one can find the mysterious Osirion and the temples of Sety I and Ramses II, both built in honor of the cult of Osiris, the God of resurrection. Up to the present day the Osirion and the temples are a source of attraction for people of all sorts. Whether you are an archeologist or tourist, a believer of the ancient religion or not or just someone who is sensitive to the high and delicate energies that can still be felt or the whispering voices that can still be heard. Where once the Gods and Goddesses dwelled, honored by their priests and priestesses, you can get a glimpse of what must have been a splendid culture. Lesser known however is the fact that the temple of Sety I was explicitly built for healing and it is still renowned for its healing qualities.

This book is an introduction in how to explore these qualities and how to apply them for yourself. Its contents originate from Horus, keeper of the ancient oral tradition as well as a healer. He lives in Abydos near the temple of Sety I and was raised in the old tradition, amongst others by the famous Dorothy Eady, better known as Omm Sety. Some of her writings transferred to Horus are used for this book.

The book gives a profound explanation of how the seven chapels of the temple are related to the human chakra’s, the main organs, glands and other body parts as well as an insight in the way of thinking of the ancient Egyptians regarding life, health and religion.

I am very grateful for the time Horus and I have spent, sitting together and discussing the ancient religion and ways of healing for hours.

This book is for sale at bookstores and via the internet. You can also purchase an e-pub or pdf copy of this book for € 6,50.
Just send an email to: erica@elenchis.nl A hardcopy of the book can be obtained in House of Life in Abydos, Egypt.


"My dear Erica, first of all my compliments for this distinct book filled with extraordinary knowledge. You must have spent many hours on research, exchange with others and so on. The results are impressive. Nowadays one can read a lot about Egypt, but what you read is full of assumptions. In your work however, I see a solid research together with your coauthor and I get a reliable impression. Besides this you manage the expectations of the readers who want to visit the temple. Your links with (non)duality and enlightenment are clear for those who can see and feel it. What you did matches with the writings of Hermes Trismegestes Thoth (the Emerald Tablets and the Corpus Hermeticum), especially with regard to the use of light, colors and sound in the different pyramids and temples. Your book is a must for the ones who are seriously interested in Egypt, spirituality and healing as well as in the origin of humanity. My warmest regards, Antoon"

All healing is first a healing of the heart